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Weider Sweete Stevia 150g


Keep sweet, get rid of sugar and synthetic sweeteners. Sweete, is a naturally-occurring table sweetener that you use instead of sugar, you can enjoy your sweets and drinks without guilt!
Sweete has an excellent taste without calories and sugars and is a good choice for all you need to watch your diet. It has a zero glycemic index and can help you follow a non-calorie diet.

Sweete is compared to sugar 150 to 300 times sweeter, but with zero caloric content.
One sweete part = 4 parts of sugar in sweetness.

Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) is a plant originating from the tropical regions of South and Central America and is known worldwide as the ''sweet leaf''. Stevia''s leaves have been used in foods and drinks as sweeteners for at least 600 years.

No caloric value.
With natural sweet taste.
With zero glycemic index.
It does not contain sodium or salt.
Stable at high temperatures.
In crystalline form.
It does not contain gluten.

Content: 150 grams (corresponding to 200 servings)

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