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Terranova Green Child Sneaky Greens Super-Shake 180g


Terranova Green Child Sneaky Greens Super-Snake is a mixture of whole raw vegetables and fruits that retain their nutrients

While every parent wants for his children to follow a healthier, yet natural diet and lifestyle, this is not always easy, because it is difficult to convince children to eat some healthy foods, such as raw lachanika.To Sneaky Greens consists of a rich and balanced composition of whole superfoods (not extract). Contains in its composition 14 different vegetables (broccoli, beetroot, spinach, carrot etc.) and fruits (cranberry, acai berry, bilberry, lucuma), juice of Wheat grass and barley grass and spirulina. It provides children with an extremely wide range of nutrients in their natural form, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and a multitude of phytonutrients such as chlorophyll, flavonoids (antioxidants), carotenoids. 100% natural, no not contain chemical additives and preservatives.

It is suitable for enhancing the nutrition of children aged 4-12 years with raw vegetables and fruits, with unchanged nutritive properties. Suitable for vegetarian and vegans.
It is a jar with scoop for 45 servings of vegetables and fruit, which are mixed in juice or smoothie your own choice.

Carrot, Broccoli, cabbage kale, Beet, Spinach, Watercress, Lucuma, Variety of berries: blackberry, cranberry, aronia berry, black raspberry, bilberry, acai berry, Wheat grass and barley grass, spirulina, 3 types of probiotics

For children 4-12 years are preferable taking one scoop (4 gr) mixed with juice or smoothie of your choice.

After opening keep in the refrigerator

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