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Children's Health
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TLC, Chewy Vites Propolis & Echinacea 60Chew.Tabs


TLC, Chewy Vites Propolis & Echinacea 60Chew.Tabs

Echinacea and Propolis
for children from the first year. In form "jelly" and shape teddy bear to be more enjoyable and fun to download.

: iron, making it suitable for children who do not need to download iron.
Contains no: Preservatives, artificial colors, yeast, wheat, gluten, gelatin, eggs
Suitable for Vegeterians

Recommended Intake Per Day:
- Children 1-3 years old: 1 jelly / day
- Children 4 years old or older: 1-2 jellies / day

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
Not to be consumed on an empty stomach but during or after a meal.
The consumption of children to be supervised by an adult advise children to chew thoroughly before swallowing teddy bears.
Store in dry and cool.
No. 107 025 Notification EOF / 12.15.2014

Nutritional information (teddy bear)
Vitamin C: 35mg
Propolis extract: 3.25mg
Echinacea extract: 5mg
Content 60 pieces (teddy bears)