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Lanes Royal Tonic Monodoses 10x10ml


Lanes royal tonic monodoses 10x10ml

Indications: toning, strengthening, immune system

The lanes royal tonic is a food supplement with the main ingredients royal jelly 1000 mg, propolis, colostrum, Shiitake mushrooms & Reishi & vitamin b6
This is a great combination of royal jelly with propolis which helps to stimulate the body and the shield.
Colostrum (Colostrum) and Reishi & Shiitake mushrooms and vitamin B6 helps in proper functioning of the immune system and the nervous reducing tiredness.
It has excellent taste, does not contain gluten and sugar and is suitable for homeopathy.

Ingredients: Purified water, agave syrup, powder concentrate shiitake & reishi, potassium sorbate, royal jelly, fructose, pure propolis, sodium benzoate, colostrum, vitamin B6, coloring caramel.

For adults and children over 12 years take one vial a day before breakfast.

Content: 10 single doses of 10 Ml each