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Vitamin B
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Lanes Vitamin B12 1000μg 30Nuggets


Lanes B 12

The Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is important for the smooth functioning of the nervous and immune and generate energy reduces tiredness and fatigue and increases antochi.Aparaititi in creating red blood cells which are oxygen transport vehicles in the body and in treating depression, as recent scientific research has shown that one third of depressed patients in hospitals have B12 deficiency. Important to prevent cardiovascular: reducing elevated homocysteine ​​interfering metabolism as it is known that elevated homocysteine ​​is responsible for heart attacks and strokes.

People with vitamin B12, like the elderly, vegetarians who do not have in their diet of animal products, like alcoholics who have elevated homocysteine ​​levels needed supplement B12.
The Lanes B 12 comes in a glass bottle with 30 sublingual for best absorption and each tablet contains 1000mg B 12.

Take one sublingual day after eating.

30-dissolving sublingual tablets.

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