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Vitamin C
SKU 27672

Doctor''s Formulas Vitamin C Formula Fast Action 1000mg 30Tabs


Formula with Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is considered an essential ingredient for the synthesis of collagen, important structural component of tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and bones. Incorporated varying abilities with multiple benefits for the human body.
Specifically, vitamin C:

Synthesizes norepinephrine (important neurotransmitter) and carnitine, transporting fats to the mitochondria.
It involvement in the metabolism of cholesterol to bile acids, which affect the levels of cholesterol in the blood responsible for the occurrence of gallstones.
It enhances the bioavailability of iron from food, promoting intestinal absorption of the mineral iron.
is antioxidant and provides protection against ROS, arising during the natural metabolism, and free radicals.
Regenerates vitamin E from the oxidized form.
Intensify the production and function of white blood cells, especially lymphocytes, neutrophils and phagocytes.
Provides protection to the integrity of immune cells.
Vitamin C accumulates in high concentrations in monocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes and phagocytes. Thus, these cells are protected from oxidative damage.
Protects leukocytes by autoxidation with enhanced glutathione levels, due to its antioxidant action.
The vasodilation in people with cardiovascular problems is improved by taking vitamin C.
High concentrations are found in the blood in just 30 minutes, thanks to piperine contained in the formulation.
It contains the most absorbable forms of camu camu and acerola.

Contains 30 tablets.