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Fora P92 Analog Blood Pressure Gauge with Built-in Stethoscope

Product code: 27693
Fora P92 Analog Blood Pressure Gauge with Built-in Stethoscope

The Fora P92 analogue blood pressure monitor with built-in stethoscope is an analog, mechanical blood pressure measuring device used in the arm. Offers proven reliability and superior performance at an affordable price. It features an advanced torque mechanism and ergonomic bubble with full valves. The Fora P92 ensures consistent and accurate measurements. At the same time the durable nylon cuff and the high quality materials of the blower and valve provide stable operation. The built-in stethoscope in the cuff offers ease of measurement. All parts are stored in a nylon zippered case for easy transport.

♦ High precision sphygmomanometer with built-in stethoscope
♦ Made with high quality materials for unmatched reliability and durability
♦ Sleeve 16-52 cm
♦ High quality headphones
♦ Soft storage case for easy transport and storage
♦ 2 year warranty (dealership) of good functioning
♦ Detailed instructions for use

Fora P92 Analog Blood Pressure Gauge with Integrated Stethoscope

For outdoor use only.
Keep it in a safe, shady, cool place, away from children.
Please read the instructions carefully before use.

1 analogue pressure gauge with stethoscope.


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