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Froika Ac AHA-10 Emulsion 125ml

Product code: 26396
Froika Ac AHA-10 Emulsion 125ml

Froika AC AHA-10 Emulsion (125ml)
Indications: Regeneration Lotion for oily skin with imperfections

alpha-hydroxy acids emulsion * for the regeneration of oily, acne prone skin.
Ideal for face, body, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

improves acne scars and skin imperfections.
reduces blackheads (open or closed comedones).
aposymforei clogged skin pores.
the skin is improved luster, matte texture and healthy appearance.
Main Ingredients:
active antiakneiko azelaic acid complex and glycine
enhanced potency salicylic acid in fat-soluble form
nicotinamide (vitamin B3) for regulating the greasiness.

Caution: use Froika AC AHA-10 Emulsion for external use only
Do not use after twelve (12) months from its opening
Keep away from children
Made in the European Union

* Are molecules that are naturally present in fruits. In the cosmetics used as a gentle peeling treatment to remove the skin of dead cells, scars and blackheads.

Content - packaging: 125 ml (4.22 oz)

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