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Froika Anti-Hair Loss Peptide Lotion 100ml

Product code: 19493
Froika Anti-Hair Loss Peptide Lotion 100ml

Froika Anti-Hair Loss Peptide Lotion 100ml

The Froika Anti-Hair Loss Peptide Lotion 100ml is new, innovative, convenient and ideal solution for the treatment of hair loss, especially in periods of sharp decline, as it stimulates the development and production of new hair on the scalp, providing energy to increase the size and the normal functioning of hair and contains nutrients that actively carrying components in the hair follicles, in order to strengthen the anchoring of hair on the scalp.
Recommended for use by the first signs of hair loss.

Content: 100ml

It is ideal for hair loss (chronic, seasonal, reactive), thinning hair, alopecia due to traction or friction and is recommended for the preparation or after any surgical transplantation or implantation of hair.

It reduces hair loss and favors the production of new hair, protect hair follicle from aging and from being damaged by dihydrotestosterone, reduces the oil and increases the thickness and volume of hair making the problem of thinning less visible.


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