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Harmonium-Pharma, Neubetix Roll On 50ml

Product code: 25527
Harmonium-Pharma, Neubetix Roll On 50ml

Harmonium-Pharma, Genetix Roll On 50ml

The Nautix Roll-on soothes, relieves and protects the skin from numbness and pain while providing the necessary hydration and nutrition to keep the skin healthy.
■ The Camphor has antiinflammatory and analgesic action against itching.
■ The fruit of the grape Vitis vinifera has powerful antioxidant acting in local microcirculation blood giving sense to decongest the point of pain.
■ The Menthol gives immediate feeling of relief and freshness that is enhanced by the action of camphor.
■ The Capsicum frutescens resin contains capsaicin, with anesthetic and analgesic effect, especially for neuropathic pain.

The action of the Roll-on enhances the congestion in the affected areas and relief when applying.
Significantly improves symptoms such as pain, tingling, burning, sciatica, loss of sensation, numbness, neuropathic pain and diabetic neuropathy.

Instructions for use
After carefully clean and dry the affected area, then apply the Neubetix Roll-on sliding in the affected area the applicator 2-3 times daily.

Content: 50ml

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