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Hartmann MoliCare Mobile Μedium, 14pcs

Product code: 27783
Hartmann MoliCare Mobile Μedium, 14pcs

Pads for incontinence that are worn and removed as the common lingerie. With non-woven antibacterial material Dry technology-Plus with neutral pH, superabsorbent core that captures the unpleasant odors and moisture indicator for the hint of when needed or change briefs. Has external coverage from non-woven material, with inner walls that repel moisture. With a contoured design with soft folds around the legs. With cloth lining non-permeable of the spills. Provide perfect comfort and protection against the use and protect from excessive moisture. Extremely soft and aerodiaperata to maintain around the skin a pleasantly dry environment.
Dermatologically tested.

Highly absorbent incontinence pads
For urinary incontinence or/and feces for self-sufficient. Because of their easy handling suited extremely for education use the toilet. Suitable yet for certain application and security to worried patients or patients suffering from dementia.
Medium size (hip/abdomen circumference: 80-120 cm)

Store in shady and cool place, away from children.

1 package with 14 Pieces


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