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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Thermometer

Product code: 25400
Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense Infrared Thermometer

Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense With Infrared Thermometer

With new Thermoval® baby sense device you can measure the temperature without stress, comfortable and easy. So you will not bother and will not wake your baby (no oral, rectal or axillary temperature measurement as you can get from the front contactless temperature measurements of the body of your child). Furthermore, the device offers additional practical functions, eg Object temperature measurement, temperature measurement of baby food, the bottle, the water in the bathtub, even the temperature of the room to find the baby.

The baby Thermoval® sense an ideal thermometer for measuring the temperature of the infant.

Contactless temperature measurement from the front in 3 seconds - completely silent.
body temperature measurement, temperature objects (eg bottles) and ambient temperature (eg nursery)
Rapid measurement thanks to infrared technology.
Visual fever alarm (when the body temperature of your child exceeds 37,6 ° C, a red lamp lights up on the display of Thermoval baby)
Ability to store the results of the last 10 measurements.
Easy handling.
Rugged and reliable device because of high construction quality.
♦ 3 year warranty delegation.

Measuring range:
In front of 34,0 ° C to 42,2 ° C
For objects from 0 ° C to 100 ° C.

For precision measurements please read carefully the instructions

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