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Haut-Segala Organic Musk Rose Oil, 50ml

Product code: 26646
Haut-Segala Organic Musk Rose Oil, 50ml

Haut-Segala Organic Musk Rose Oil (Oil Wild Rose), 50ml

Organic oil of wild rose
Indications: Very dry skin, Regeneration, Ripe Skins

Description / properties:
Organic rose oil from wild rose seed that grows in the Andes mountains in Chile.
Due to the content of linoleic acid, nourishes the skin in depth. Ideal for very dry skin and mature skin, it is recommended to accelerate cell regeneration and to combat imperfections such as age spots or scars.

Softens and hydrates the damaged skin.

Ingredients: 100% organic * virgin oil of wild rose (first cold pressed) with the natural color and aroma of the rose.

INCI: Oil seeds Rosa rubiginosa

For external use only
Store in a cool dark place away from children.
Do not use after six months of its opening.

* Certified by ECOCERT

Made in France

Packaging: 50 ml (1,69 ounce liquid.).

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