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Head X Stick 3.6g

Product code: 29777
Head X Stick 3.6g

Head X is an entirely different and yet innovative way of relieving headaches. It offers quick and effective relief without pills.
By applying the Head X stick to your forehead, you will quickly feel a relaxing cool feeling. This is the first indication that the pain-relieving action of the drug begins to work. The analgesic effect will appear / completed in the next few minutes.
Head X is specially designed to be applied directly to the front.
Why Head X?
> Fast and drastic action
> Safe: It drastically reduces systemic complications
- Menthol is considered safe and active according to the National Organization of Medicines (Patel et al.)
> Innovative anti-headache headache with stick
- Easy to use
- No need for water
> specially designed not to be perceived
- No effect on make up
- The only solution to the inability to swallow tablets

Direct action stick, relief from headache.

For external (topical) use only, it should not be taken by mouth.
Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose, mucous membranes, irritated skin, wounds and sores.

Prepared in the United Kingdom

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