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Health Aid Krill-Life (krill oil) 500mg 60Caps

Product code: 21108
Health Aid Krill-Life (krill oil) 500mg  60Caps

Krill Oil -Anti reflux formula

Heart , cholesterol , joint pain, memory & eyes . Not bad taste

Krill oil is a rich source of Omega 3 in the form of phospholipids EPA / DHA, essential fatty acids with greater bioavailability of the body . Contains astaxanthin ( red natural carotenoid ) which has antioxidant activity against free radicals while protecting the Omega 3 from oxidation . The Krill-Life of HealthAid comes from shellfish Krill (Euphasia Superba), zooplankton , experiencing the pristine and unpolluted waters of the Antarctic Sea and is anti-reflux formulation to avoid any unpleasant taste .

It contains residues , dioxins , impurities , GE and toxic ingredients . Is product Eco - Harvesting ( eco collection ) . Recommended for healthy heart function and control cholesterol , reduce inflammation in joints , promote brain function , enhance vision and corrosion protection .

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