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Alcon Ciba Vision AO Sept Plus 360ml



AO SEPT Plus 360ml cleaning and care of all types of contact lenses and lens sympepilamvanomenon silicone hydrogel with 3% hydrogen peroxide, clean, disinfected, removes proteins and maintains excellent lenses sas.Einai highly effective preservative free and comes with case and AODISC catalyst where necessary to neutralize the solution. REQUIRED (for at least 6 hours)

The first and most simple contact lens care system, based on hydrogen peroxide now with new unique formulation is even more comfortable and efficient


Thanks to new, unique ingredient Pluronic 17R4, the triple action new AOSEPT PLUS:

removes more protein deposits

has better disinfectant capacity because rate controlling neutralization of hydrogen peroxide


moisturizes better the surface of the contact lens offering greater comfort to users


The AOSEPT Plus, no preservative, is ideal for even the most sensitive eyes and users with problems and allergies.

At the same time it is very simple to use. The disinfection is ensured by a single motion.

The AOSEPT Plus with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is the only guarantee.