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OPTI-FREE Express , 355 ml


Contact lens solution.

The Opri-Free Express is a liquid solution for disinfecting contact lens company Alcon. According to surveys carried out, the product provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity than other contact lens solutions on the market. Provides activity almost identical to that shown by 3% hydrogen peroxide systems, while preventing the regrowth of organisms during prolonged storage.

The Alcon was founded in 1945 in Fort Worth, Texas as a small shop for items useful for the eyes. The foundation was made by two pharmacists, Robert Alexander and William Conner, who named their store Alcon, combining the first syllables of their last names.
Over the years, the company grew and expanded. Evolved into one of the leading ophthalmic companies species around the world for seventy years. Key to its success was the fact that neither time did not depart from the objective of which was to maintain the quality of its products. The dedication of the development of high quality products has helped to maintain, restore and enhance vision worldwide.

The wet contact lens solution is necessary for the daily disinfect your lens and the health of your eyes. That''s why you must be careful when choosing liquid solutions you choose. The Opri-Free Express offers immediate disinfection and is quite effective.