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Feet of Diabetic
SKU 23378

Podia Diabetics Foot Cream 100ml


The PODIA DIABETICS FOOT CREAM created a revolutionary therapeutic and cosmetic foot care with labeling in diabetes, saying solutions to relieve and protect the diabetic foot.

The Podia Foot Cream is designed specifically for the treatment of diabetic foot with 15% urea, panthenol, Allantoine, vitamin E, shea butter, an effective cream that calms, soothes, protects and cares for the delicate skin of diabetic foot, specially designed with keratolytic drasigia treatment and prevention of hardening and calluses. safe solution to prevent difficult problems and skin care for people with diabetes.

• Systematic reduction in scabs and calluses,
• Soothes / moisturizing / soothes and revitalizes the skin,
• soothes redness and irritation,
• Offers improve microcirculation
Relieves itching
• Prevents fungi and bacteria
How to Use:
Apply to feet, soles and dorsal morning / evening, gently massage until completely absorbed.