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Power Health Classics Platinum Range Glucolen 60caps


Power Health Classics Platinum Range Glucolen 60caps

Elevated levels of glucose, Obese, Elderly, heredity in diabetes Type II, People follow malnutrition, People sedentary

The Glucolen an innovative nutritional supplement with targeted action to manage blood sugar levels. It is only with a composition containing cinnamon Ceylon without coumarin.
It contains a unique combination of herbal ingredients holistic activity for reducing blood glucose levels. Cinnamon Ceylon is a plant which receipted helps maintain blood sugar (a normal level) in the blood. This effect is achieved in combination with titrated extracts momorntika and tzimnema and with xylangouro that improve insulin production. The banampa extract helps reduce glucose.
Enriched with chromium helps maintain glucose and minerals, zinc helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates and magnesium enhances energy production.

Instructions for use:
Adults: Take 2 Glucolen capsules daily, 1 capsule after each meal as a dietary supplement or base instructions of your doctor.

Content - Packing: 60 capsules