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GNP Diagnostics Gmate Test Strip - Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50pc


Gmate Test Strips blood glucose test strips suitable for use with Gmate * meters for easier measurement of blood glucose levels. Now diabetes management is simpler than ever!
- Automatic coding
- Fast and accurate results
- Alternative blood sampling points available
- Small sample (0.5 µl)

Blood glucose measurement tapes, in vitro blood glucose self-test.

For external use only.
Store in a cool, shady place (+ 2C <temperature <+ 32C), away from children.
For single use only (do not reuse).
Read the instructions for use carefully
Do not place blood on top of the film.
Any area of ​​this lane can be touched and the diagnosis of glucose will not be affected.
Do not use after the expiry date.

* For use with gauges only: Gmate STEP, Gmate mini, Gmate WHeel, Gmate VOICE, Gmate Origin, Gmate SMART and Gmate On.

Made in Korea

Content - Packaging
50 strips (2 vials with 25 strips each)