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FarmaSyn Vaxol Ear Spray, 10ml


Vaxol® is a safe and effective method that softens and removes the cuvette (ear wax). This reduces the need for rinsing or is aided where necessary.
Vaxol® is suitable for adults and children over the age of one, it has a simple and unique system that releases a quantity of product to the ear canal. It is comfortable and easy to use. Protects against overflow of the ear canal.

Ear spray, cell removal

- Vaxol® is more effective after warming it between your palms and shaking it well before use.
- Apply Vaxol® to your doctor''s or pharmacist''s instructions.
- Use it once or twice a week to prevent cell buildup and help with the natural cleansing process.
- If your doctor is required to rinse, apply 1 or 2 sprays of Vaxol® twice a day for 4 or 5 days before you visit him.
- Pull the ear flap gently up and back.
- Place the nose in the ear canal, holding the vial upright and push the actuator 1 or 2 times.
- Make a gentle massage
- If necessary, repeat the procedure on the other ear.
- Do not rinse the ear after application
- You can apply Vaxol® while sitting or sitting upright
- You can remove and rinse the actuator with hot water after each use and then replace it.

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10 ml