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SKU 23754

Hansaplast Swabs 200pcs


Biodegradable cotton buds.

The Hansaplast company presents the advanced status of biodegradable cotton buds. These swabs are different from the common to the fact that are prepared from natural raw material, cleaved when it results in the environment. Besides biodegradable feedstock containing, prepared from higher quality 100% pure, clean, absorbent cotton. Characterized for their softness, they offer, but also for the fact that they provide full absorption of ear wax. They strain that can easily be bent and completely fixed ends, not frayed and leave no trace of lint.

Instructions: Hold the swab near the edge. Use with extreme care. Do not allow children to use them themselves. Do not use to internally clean the nose, eyes or inside the ears. Do not exert pressure on cotton swabs and clean your ears. Use them in the outer ear.

Available in packs of 200 pieces.