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Medico Silicone Earplugs



MED silicone earplugs:

♦ Ideal for loud noises
♦ Specially designed earmuffs soft high quality silicone
♦ Protect your hearing
♦ Reusable
♦ Resistant to moisture

The earplug is a device intended to be inserted into the ear, to protect the ears of the user, by loud noises or water penetration. Foreign bodies, dust or excessive wind.

The first recorded mention of the use of ear protection is in the Odyssey, where Odysseus'' crew was using ear wax to prevent distracted by the songs of the Sirens.

Silicone earplugs are compressed while fit perfectly in the ear, protecting it.

Earplugs can among others offer a peaceful sleep undisturbed by external factors (eg sounds of vehicles etc.)

Also the use of ear protection may be useful in cases where the working environment there is noise e.g. machinery, riots etc