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Oti OTO FLOG 30ml Ear drops


Ac. Boricum 4 DH
Ac. Salicilicum 4 DH
Sulphur 4 DH
Arnica 4 DH
Calendula 4 DH
Echinacea 4 DH
Apis mellifica 4 DH
Juglans regia 4 DH
Tellurium met. 4 DH
Graphites 4 DH
Doctus auric. externus 6 DH
Piodermitis nosode 6/10/30 DH
Psorinum nosode 6/10/30 DH
Aspergillus niger 6/10/30 DH
Aurum thioglucosum 4 DH
Argentum colloidale 5 DH
Manganum glucon. 4 DH
Cuprum glucon. 4 DH ana 1 ml
Acqua distillata q. b. in 100 ml
P. o. benzoato di metile sale sodico 0,1 gr.

Natural product especially useful in various pathologies of the ear: otitis, furunculosis, ear herpes,
cell ear.

4 drops (infants and children), 6 drops (adults) in the ear cavity 3 to 6 times daily.
At the same time and recommended use per os, 6 drops (infants and children under 6 years) and 10 drops
(Adults), 4 times daily.

Bottle of 30 ml with dropper.

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