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First Aid Kit
SKU 715

Pharma Medi Bag Kit 2


Contains : 1 Plaster roll 1,25cm x 5m (CE), 1 Box with 6pcs. sterile gauzes 15cm x 15cm (CE), 1 Pressing haemostatic sterile bandage small (CE), 1 Gauze bandage 5cm x 2,5m (CE), 1 Gauze bandage 7cm x 2,5m (CE), 1 Elastic bandage 5cm x 2,5m (CE), 10 Plasters 1,9cm x 7,2cm (CE), 3 Adhesive sutures (CE), 1 hydrogel blott for burns (CE), 1 Triangular bandage (CE), 1 Isothermal blanket (CE), 1 Haemostatic rubber (CE), 4 Handkerchiefs with alcohol, 4 Latex gloves (CE), 1 Forceps plastic, 1 Scissor metalic, 4 Safety pins First Aid instructions

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