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First Aid Kit
SKU 718

Pharma Medi Kit 6 for athletic unions


1 Plaster roll 1,25cm x 5m (CE), 1 Plaster roll 2.5cm x 5m (CE), 2
boxes sterile gauzes 15cm x 15cm (CE), 2 pressing haemostatic sterile
gauzes small (CE), 2 pressing haemostatic sterile gauzes large (CE), 2
bandages 5cm x 2,5m (CE), 2 bandages 7cm x 2,5m (CE), 2 bandages
10cm x 2,5m (CE), 2 elastic bandages 5cm (CE), 2 elastic bandages
7cm (CE), 1 triangular bandage (CE), 5 eye pads (CE), 2 adhesive
stitches of 3 (CE), 20 plasters (CE), 1 cotton (CE), 1 dressing 10cm x
10cm (CE), 5 BURNSHIELD hydrogel blotts (CE), 1 isothermal blanket
(CE), 2 instant ice bags (CE), 10 handkerchiefs with alcohol, 1 mouth to
mouth resuscitation device Brook type (CE), 4 latex gloves (CE), 1 aemostatic rubber (CE), 1 scissors, 1 forceps plastic, 4 safety pins, 1
resuscitation device with face mask Ambu type (CE), 1 collin forceps
(CE), 1 mouth opener (CE), 1 Dispoice spray 200ml, 1 set 4 aero
splints, 1 thermometer
First Aid instructions

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