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Asepta Filmplus, transparent adhesive pads 5cmx 7.5 cm 5Pcs


Asepta Filmplus are adhesive patches, transparent membrane, sterile, postoperatively. They are made of polyurethane with watertight core making the patches completely waterproof. In the middle of the patch and at a distance equal to the edges there is a special absorbent pad (cushion) nonstick so as not to stick on the surface of the wound. It adapts easily and seamlessly even to the hardest parts. They are sterilized by ethyloxide "EO".
They are imidiaperata in water vapor and air and offer fast and high discharge capacity. Impervious to microorganisms and fluids. They are hypoallergenic, therefore extremely skin friendly, thanks to the controlled adhesive mass. To be able to apply perfectly to the wound, it has detachment paper from the underside and a polyethylene sheet from the top of the patch. They are packaged in a handy individual package with a special type of paper.

-With intermediate absorbent non-stick pad.
-Sterilized and sterile
-Water Resistant

Transparent adhesive pads.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place (< 35C), Away from children.

5 Pieces (Dimension: 5cm x 7.5 cm)

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