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Hansaplast Flexible XXL 9x6cm 5pcs


Hansaplast Flexible XXL 9x6cm 5pcs

Hansaplast Flexible XXL 9x6cm 5pcs waterproof self-adhesive pads flexible suitable for medium and large injuries. They are flexible, air permeable and have gauze that does not stick to the wound. They cover the wound and direct the wound as they stick tightly and follow the body movements.

Τhe Hansaplast Flexible XXL 9x6cm 5pcs  waterproof self-adhesive pads are providing coverage and protection of small everyday wounds, such as scratches, cuts and abrasions.
He has strong adhesive action ensures that the patch will not be dislodged from its place.
> Stick firmly
> Removed painlessly
> Gaza that does not stick to the wound
> Made of soft and air-permeable material
> Tested in irritable skin 
> Compatibility dermatologically tested

Instructions for use
Clean carefully and gently wound from foreign objects (eg dirt).
Dry the skin around the wound or the cut carefully.
Apply Hansaplast without the stretch, avoiding to create creases.
Store in a dry place
Do not use the same Hansaplast more than once.

Made in Spain 
Package- Content 
5pcs of 6x9cm