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Gauze Rolls
SKU 23930

Asepta Idealelastic 5cmx4m


Elastic low area dressing.

This type elastic bandage Ideal, so it belongs to Idealelastic. Is made of high quality cotton and elastic yarn without compounds, containing 65% cotton and 35% polyamide. The elasticity is 80%. The edges are in the form of selvedge without defects, ie no frills, which is fully consistent with the European Norm DIN EN ISO 2859. The composition of the dressings of this class is found in full accordance with the European standard DIN EN ISO 2060 / DIN 53830 T .3U.4, DIN 1049 7.2 and DIN 61632: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide.

May be easily amplified without reducing the width and returns to its original length after toning. It is particularly skin-friendly, and allows it to breathe during dressing. You can wash him at 40oC, while lets you reuse it. It is packaged individually wrapped and contains a clip for easy grip and strong retention of the parties wish to dressing. The dimensions are 5 cm by 4 meters (5cm x 4m).