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Gauze Rolls
SKU 23928

Asepta Sport Yellow 3,75mx10m


This athletic adhesive tape, which holds during workouts or games, your body parts that have suffered an injury and hurt. The annoying pain in joints and muscles are often persistent and lasts for weeks until the agency made to the normal state. Significantly inhibits movement and fills you frustration and stress for the processing of your sporting commitments. The Asepta your company offers solutions in this film Asepta Sport with strong retention.

Is made of soft fabric and brings you very powerful and safe holding capacity. The inside surface of the film is coated by a uniform adhesive mass of zinc oxide, which you can easily control and which are not separated when the film unfolds. Leaves no residue on the skin when you remove it. Features specific corrugations along the entire length of the film, which facilitate the cutting of the hand. It is resistant to rain and the sun and can be maintained at temperatures between 10oC to 25oC. Recycled easily. It measures 3,75m x 10m and is available in yellow color.