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Gauze Rolls
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Bsn Leukofix Hypoallergic Surgical Tape 9m X 2.5cm


BSN Leukofix 9m x 2.5cm

The BSN Leukofix is ​​a hypoallergenic adhesive tape, recommended for cases that need a quick and secure application (eg emergency and intensive care).
The Leukofix is a transparent film with polyacrylate adhesive. The base is made of perforated polyethylene film which is very easy to tear crosswise, along and below the waist.

Product features:
> Adheres perfectly both initial and permanent application of
> Hypoallergenic *
> Well tolerated by the skin
> Permeable to air and water vapor
> It can be cut diagonally, across and down the middle.
> It adapts well to body contours.
> Removes painlessly and without leaving residues.
> Radiolucent.
> Chemically inert to plastic and tires.
> Thermostable from -20 C ° to +70 ° C.
* Reduce the risk of allergies due to the ingredients that are friendly to the skin

Main uses
♦ For attaching patches of all types and sizes
♦ Attaching (bonding): - Hose - Measuring instruments - Catheters

Dimension: the Leukofix are dressing roll with a total length of 9 m by 2.5 cm (width)