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Gauze Rolls
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Bsn Leukoplast Surgical Adhesive Tape 4.60m X 5cm


BSN Leukoplast 4.60m x 5cm

The BSN Leukoplast is Surgical Adhesive tape with porous adhesive mass is recommended when particularly required securing offering a safe solution for exceptional application.
Skin Type: For normal skin

Product Features

> High reliability
Features zinc oxide rubber adhesive that provides excellent high initial and permanent adhesion to the skin and the surface to be adhered.

> High-resistance
The material quality viscose support material is extremely resistant to tension

> Health & Safety
With an area of ​​special material that repels dirt and moisture for greater hygiene.
Breathable, reducing in this way the risk of skin maceration.

Main uses:
Fixation (binding) dressings on normal skin
Fastening to:
- Tubes
- Catheters
- Probes
- Cannulae
Dimension: the Leukoplast are dressing roll with a total length of 4.60 meters by 5 cm (width)