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Gauze Rolls
SKU 25423

Bsn Leukopor Hypoallergic Surgical Tape 5m X 2.5cm


BSN Leukopor 5m x 2.5cm

The BSN Leukopor is a hypoallergenic adhesive tape viscose, is recommended for patients with highly sensitive skin or for fixing bandages of permanent offering a safe solution for exceptional application.
Skin Type: For extremely sensitive skin

Product features:

> Functional:
♦ permeable to air and moisture
♦ Waterproof
♦ not commit radiation
♦ not interact with the plastic and rubber

> Soft & flexible
♦ nonwoven support fabric Polyester Viscose
♦ With special skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive
♦ Removes without leaving residues
♦ Highly configurable, to the parts of the body

Main uses
♦ For attaching patches of all types and sizes
♦ Attaching (bonding)

- Electrodes

- Measurement Instruments

Dimension: the Leukopor are dressing roll with a total length of 5 meters by 2.5 cm (width)