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Gauze Rolls
SKU 25420

Bsn Leukosilk Hypoallergic Surgical Tape 4.60cm X 2.5cm


BSN Leukosilk 4.60 x 2.5cm

The BSN Leukosilk is a hypoallergenic adhesive tape from synthetic silk, recommended for sensitive skin areas and especially when required securing offering a safe solution for exceptional application.
It is particularly suitable for sensitive skin areas.

Product features:
> High tolerance: High quality material thin support fabric easily conforms to the body contour. The skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive is gentle to the skin
> Practical & healthy:
♦ Can be torn easily by hand
♦ The torn edges are straight and not frayed.
♦ The film is easy to write

Main uses:
> Fixation (solidification) dressings on sensitive skin
> Fastening (binding) to:
♦ - Hoses
♦ - Catheters
♦ - Detectors
♦ - Switches

Dimension: the Leukosilk are dressing roll with a total length of 4.60 meters by 2.5 cm (width)