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Gauze Rolls
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Hansaplast Cohesive Bandage 4m x 6cm 1Pcs


This self-adhesive and versatile bandage is designed to stabilize wound dressings and compresses. It is very flexible and comfortable to use, You can use it, and to support the joints.
Hansaplast Cohesive Bandage can be easily used at home. It is torn by hand and self-restrained. The bandage provides a secure application, even against perspiration, and is water resistant. It remains firmly in place without slipping. Providing compression, elasticity and support, Hansaplast Self-Adhesive Bandage does not contain latex and is extremely skin-friendly. Removes painlessly from the skin and leaves no residue of glue.

Cohesive bandage, joint support

If you have a wound, cover it with a gauze or patch.
Step 1
Clean and dry the injured area. Attach the bandage and the outer side of the bandage to the epidermis with one hand. This will allow you to unwrap the bandage over the skin and have more control.
Step 2
Before you begin to wrap on the epidermis, unfold a sufficient length so that the dressing is loose. Apply the first cycle without pressure.
Step 3
Continue to wrap in circles only partially covered. Apply the bandage with such pressure to achieve the desired level of support. Do not forget to unwind a sufficient length of the bandage of the bandage, so that it is not applied too tightly.
Step 4
Crack the bandage.
Step 5
Exert pressure on the edge of the bandage to stabilize it without being too tight.

Content - Packaging
1 Sticker in blue color 4m x 6cm