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Hartmann medicomp non-sterile fleece pad 10x10cm 100 pcs


The quadruple pads Hartmann Medicomp are made of non-woven material with a strip structure of 70% cellulose and 30% polyester fibre. They don''t have adhesives or fluorescent bleaches. They are highly absorbent, soft and permeable.
Hartmann Medicomp is specially designed for the treatment of wounds in cases of tracheostomy, intubation and insertion of extension tubes. Also Hartmann Medicomp are suitable for use as swabs as well as pads for surgical microsurgery in nursing wards and outpatient clinics.

Quad-fleece Gauze pads, wound care, tracheostomy, intubation, insertion of extension tubes
Dimension: 10cm x 10cm

For external use only.
Do not reuse
For individual use only.
Store the Hartmann Medicomp carefully the medicomp pads in a shady and cool place (< 40 C), away from small children.

Manufactured in Czech Republic

Packaging with non-sterile pads Hartmann medicomp Dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm, in package of 100 pieces (4PLA)-weight per m2:30g

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