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Stop Hemo Sterile Haemostatic Patch 5 Thumb


Sterile patch for nose bleeds as well as small and medium bleeding.

• 100% plant from Marine Algae (phytoplankton)
• Contains calcium alginate, natural biopolymer
STERILIZED - There is no risk of contamination
• Painless and Easy removal
• Quickly stops bleeding
• Absolutely harmless
• Easy to use
• Suitable for use in children, adults and pregnant women
• Effective in patients with acquired and hereditary haematological abnormalities
• Medical CE mark, medical device IIB class
• BIOACTIVE: When in contact with blood, it releases calcium ions which:
- Accelerate platelet aggregation at the site and stop bleeding
- Enable fiber conversion to gel for painless and easy removal

NOTE: Stop Hemo
does not stop bleeding only by exerting pressure on the spot but releases calcium ions acting inside the blood vessel and healing the wound. That''s why it''s bioactive. It is painless and does not cause new bleeding when removed.

Sterile patch, nosebleeds, small and medium bleeding.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Made in France

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