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SKU 21969

Asepta Examination Gloves Small Powder Free 100pcs


ASEPTA Examination Gloves Powder free

Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free.

Examination gloves non sterile disposable, powder-free (powderfree) ambidextrous, made ​​of natural extract rubber (latex). The special treatment which have undergone (chlorination) allows them to be used without powder making them hypoallergenic. They offer excellent fit is very thin so as not to affect the user''s touch while very durable for safety. It is anatomically designed seamlessly with great flexibility in order to ensure perfect use.

At the finish the flying spin (cuff) for a better fit. They are quality controlled electronically, to avoid pin holes and imperfections providing the highest levels of safety to the user. Packed in safe box of 100 gloves.

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