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Filoskin Silk Nitrile Gloves Without Powder Medium, 20pcs


Filoskin Silk Nitrile gloves care for your hands thanks to the unique silk wet silk coating while protecting you during day-to-day work. They apply impeccably to your hands giving you good grip and unsurpassed touch feel while liquid silk helps your hands stay soft even after long hours of use. The inner surface of the gloves is free of dust, and is specially designed to be worn easily. They are a perfect choice for avoiding allergies as they do not contain elastic natural latex.
Give your hands a unique softness by wearing Filoskin Silk Nitrile in the preparation of food, home and gardening, nail and hair care and pet care.
No powder
Not sterilized

Single use gloves, nitrile gloves

For external use only.
The product consists of a synthetic copolymer material and may contain dithiocarbamates and zinc mercaptobenzothiazole, in case of intolerance it should not be used.
Check for damage before use.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.

Content - Packaging
Each package contains 20 pieces

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