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Hot & Cold Packs
SKU 28443

Nexcare Coldhot mask ice and hot water bottle, 1item


Reusable face mask filled with double action packs or hot water bottle gel, for natural pain relief or for aesthetic support. Use cold tired and swollen eyes when you have a headache or migraine or fever. Used warm when you have runny nose, sinusitis, influenza or to support aesthetic therapies.
No additional protective cover is required, thanks to the special, skin-friendly, velvety surface on one side.
Easy preparation (fridge or microwave oven)
• Reusable face mask in the form of gel, dual action packs or hot water bottle, for natural pain relief
• Made of gel-like material which is safe and non-toxic
• Latex-without
• Used warm for sinusitis or for example to support aesthetic therapies
• Used cold for tired or swollen eyes or e.g. headache
• Velvety surface, skin-friendly

Multi-purpose face mask for cold or hot application with the aim of relieving natural way or support for cosmetic treatment. Ice and hot water bottle.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Manufactured in Poland

Content, packaging
1 piece