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Hot & Cold Packs
SKU 19998

Nexcare Coldhot Maxi, Heating Pad & Cold Pack 2 in 1


H application of cold and hot is a natural and safe way to treat small wounds and edema reduction .

Cryotherapy : In cases of pain relief inflammation in joints, rheumatism , arthritis, to relieve headaches, reduce irritation and needles , pressure , and fever or preparing to apply medication. The ColdHot ™ provides pain relief, reduce swelling , reduce hematoma formation .

Thermotherapy : For pain relief for back pain , neck pain , arthritic pains . Muscle and joint stiffness. Restoration sprains , bruises etc. The ColdHot ensure pain relief, local vasodilation and muscle relaxation .

The Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy is an ideal way to reduce pain and quick recovery of the wound. For an easy way cryotherapy or thermotherapy use the ice pack Hot 3M ™ Nexcare ™ ColdHot ™, Comfort, Mini, Max

19.5cm x 30cm