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Hot & Cold Packs
SKU 23657

Rowo Cold Pack / Hot 12x29cm


Gel Set of cold / warm compress.

This device with the best healing properties. You can use either hot or cold applications. Hot applications made when cool, rheumatism or grip while cold applications in cases of contusions, sprains, hematomas, contusions, swelling, fever, migraine, inflammation of muscles, joints and tendons, insect bites.
For hot application, you can warm it in the microwave. For cold application, you can place for some time in the refrigerator or in your freezer,

The product includes two (2) compresses multiple uses for treatment without interruption. Features Isoqua system, whose implementation lasts longer compared with ordinary compresses. Offers about four (4) times longer cooling time of said insulating Isoqua.

The package includes, yet cover the tray of a compress, which may be washed. Closes with adhesive (Velcro) and has elastic fastening and extension band for use on the back.

In the package there Gel sports applications and heating ointment for direct coating after use.

Usage: You can use it locally for single and long-term treatment of chronic injuries and muscle aches. Apply to the point that bothers you in preparing pre-workout or post workout while relaxing. Stimulates local circulation.