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Deligios Stevia 1kg


Deligios Stevia 1kg
The Deligios Stevia is a tabletop sweetener and herbal sweetener from the Stevia plant.
Natural sweet taste, like sugar
zero calories
crystalline form
Suitable for diabetics
Excellent taste in coffee drinks and pastries.

The Deligios Stevia thanks to the unique composition is the only sweetener having taste and appearance similar to sugar. Unlike common sweeteners, but also by most sweeteners from Stevia leaf extract, the Deligios Stevia is not characterized by excessive sweetness or bitterness.
The Deligios stevia combines the highest quality stevia leaf extract (glucose steviol Reb-A 98%) with erythritol, giving natural sweet taste with zero calories. Erythritol is derived from the natural fermentation of fruit or vegetable and has zero calories, mild sweetness and crystalline form.

Ingredients: sweeteners: erythritol, steviol glycosides (stevia Reb-A 98%) extract. May contain traces of wheat flour (gluten), milk, egg, lupine.

Produced in Greece
Content: 1 kg

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