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Deligios Stevia 300g


A natural sweetener with zero calories from the plant Stevia

The Stevia of Deligios from selected parts of the Stevia plant from which arises stevia extract with the highest purity (97%) and better taste, known as Reb A. Coming to Paraguay, Stevia has been used for hundreds of years in South America and more recently became popular in Asia and the U.S. as a natural sweetener that does not give any calories. In 2011 he went to Europe.

His journey Stevia is simple. Starting from the leaves of Stevia is extracted from which the sweetening substance with the best flavor through an extraction method similar to the preparation of tea. This raises the extract of stevia Reb A (Rempaoudiosidi A with 97% purity), which has 300 times the sweetness of sugar. The Reb A then combined with erythritol, a natural mild sweetness alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. The result is a unique product, flavor and texture as sugar, but it gives no calories.

Stevia sweeteners are not all the same good taste and zero calories, not only use all natural ingredients. The secret lies in the purity stevia extract and the appropriate combination with other ingredients.