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Dukan Oat Mini Cookies with Chocolate Pieces 100g


Unique Healthy Mini Oats Cookies with Chocolate Pieces. Healthy and enjoyable, they make the bad habit of snacks healthy, giving you real moments of enjoyment.

• Only 17 calories per cookie
• They do not contain sugar
• Rich in fiber & trace elements
• They have unique beneficial properties and combat the sense of hunger.

Dukan Tip: Mini Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate chunks are an ideal, and a perfect treat for your friends, but also ideal for people who want to watch their weight and reduce their consumption of sugar.

Allowed Dukan diet:
♦ Attack phase: 0 Cookies
♦ Cruise Phase: 4 Cookies
♦ Stabilization Phase: 6 Cookies
♦ Maintenance Phase: Unlimited

Keep it in a shady, cool place.


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