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Isostevia liquid 60ml


Isostevia liquid 60ml

The Isostevia liquid 60ml is the new, convenient and unique product ideal to replace sugar. Many regarded as the sweet Millennium not only the sweetness but also for zero thermal properties and its positive and beneficial effect on the human body. It is a liquid sweetener, suitable and ideal for drinks, juices, foods, etc.

Below are some of the main properties of Isostevia:
It gives an excellent taste in beverages and soft drinks, has no effect on blood sugar levels, it contains no calories, it is ideal for diabetics, does not reduce dental quality teeth, does not contain artificial ingredients, is suitable for overweight people, no effect negative in blood pressure, it is suitable for a hypertensive and is not toxic.

Content: 60ml

Caution :
Keep the product in dry and cool place and kept away from children. Caution, excessive ingestion may cause laxative effects.