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IsoStevia Sweetener Stevia 500g


Isostevia tabletop sweetener stevia.
The Isostevia product is a sweetener 100% natural with stevia, which is prepared from glycosides of Stevia leaf Paraguayans from where stunning and unique flavor.
The tabletop sweetener Isostevia gives excellent taste in coffee, tea, juices and all rofimata.Mporei also be used in the manufacture of sweets from those who have chosen a healthy lifestyle away from sugar and all kinds of artificial glykantika..Apotelei the ideal choice for home use without remorse calories.
1 tsp. Isostevia equals 2 tsp. sugar
Suitable for diabetics, always under medical guidance.
Ingredients: glycosides, erythritol, steviol.
Does not contain gluten.
Storage conditions: The tabletop sweetener Isostevia not be exposed to sunlight, but be kept in a dry and cool place.
Caution! Excessive consumption of the sweetener can have a laxative effect.
The net weight is 500gr.
Made in Greece