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Nutricia Fortimel Powder 335g


Fortimel Powder is a dietary food for special medical purposes. Hyperprotein, an caloric nutrient formulation in powder form. Enriched with all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For the dietary management of malnutrition associated with disease. It is suitable for patients with increased energy and protein needs, with reduced appetite and difficulty feeding.
It has a neutral taste, added to food and beverages without altering the taste!
does not contain gluten.

Complete dietary supplement with vitamins and minerals. Food for special medical purposes.

In prepared foods such as soup or mash, mix 50ml liquid with 8 scoops of powder and mix well. It can also be dissolved in milk or other beverages, hot or cold. Anakatepste until the dust is completely dissolved. Fill with the beverage until you reach 200ml.

be administered under medical supervision.
It is not suitable for parenteral feeding.
Suitable for administration through a catheter.
It is not intended for exclusive feeding.
Suitable only for persons over 18 years old.

Soy, milk.

335g Powder

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