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Readers RD604 Presbyopia Glasses


Readers RD604 Presbyopia Glasses

Readers RD604 Presbyopia Glasses 

Readers RD604 Presbyopia Glasses high definition lenses as well as a special rubber finish frame. Available in different colors.

Every people, especially after the fourth decade, notice that they find it difficult to see up close, especially when reading. They usually notice inability of eyes to focus.


  • Inability to focus
  • Blurred vision
  • Burn
  • Fatigue-Headaches-Dizziness
  • Dry eye-Redness

Readers RD604 are high quality presbyopia glasses and can solve your problem without causing any more problems
Presbyopia usually starts from +0.75 points,increases up to +0.50 points every 2-3 times a years and reaches up to + 2.50, + 3.50, + 4.00

Lenses: high definition with HQ technology

Frame: rubber finish
Arm: flex with springs

Neopren Case

Classified PD Centers 0.62
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1 per Presbyopia Glasses
1 Neopren Case

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