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Abilar 5% 20gr


Abilar 5% 20gr

Abilar 5% 20gr ointment containing Norwegian fir resin and contributes in healing wounds,blisters, etc. It is suitable for topical use, treats infected and non-infected wounds such as scratches, burns. abrasions etc. 

The Abilar 5% 20gr due to its unique composition, contains Norwegian spruce resin in pure form after treatment, a plant that works therapeutically in severe and chronic wound conditions. It works effectively against germs and inflammations that appear in the affected area and then helps to heal the wound.

  • Healing.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial


Thoroughly clean the wound with water and allow it to dry. Apply the cream 1-2 times a day directly on the wound. You can then apply a gauze or bandage to the wound. Do not apply the ointment on the eyes and mouth

Active Ingredients 

Purified natural Norwegian fir resin (Picea abies)

Ingredients :

Μacrogol 400,Macrogol 3350,ρητίνη νορβηγικής ελάτης (Picea abies), Glycerol, alcohol denat

Attention :

External use only. Keep in a cool and shady place away from children. Do not consume the product after its expiration date or 12 months after opening. Do not use in people diagnosed with kidney failure.

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